Plate Links

  • ALPCA The Automobile License Plate Collectors Association (English site. News, resources, links, subscription and much more)
  • PL8S.COM The License Plate Collectors Website – The most complete plate hobby site on the web (English site. Home of the PL8S-Magazine, ‘official’ pictorial guide to license plate conditions and grades, many many pictures, DMV addresses, links and much more)
  • plateXchange the internet platform for license plate collectors from all over the world (Multilanguage site. License plate related discussion forums, license plate market, user license plate gallery, links and much more)
  • License Plates of the World (English site. Literature, grading, collector clubs, links and much more)
  • Ken Stratton (English site. Great pictures, links, information and much more)
  • Ralph’s License Plate Page (English site. Pictures of Ralph’s great collection of American RALPH-plates)
  • Billy Moore Billy’s US Graphic Plates (English site. Great pictures of really great plates (WOW!))
  • PL8NET Home of the Semi-Annual Jacksonville/Florida PL8NET License Plate Convention (English site. Addresses (clubs, DMVs, places where to find plates), pictures, links and much more)
  • PL8WORLD Tribal & Graphical License Plates by Helmut Stoecker (English site. Pictures, information, links and much more)
  • Bill Sproull’s Riotous World of License Plates (English site. Pictures, links, message-board, information and much more)
  • Sepp’s US-Plate Seite Sammlerseite von Sebastian Domke (German site. Pictures, links, information and much more)
  • Mike’s Plates Collection (German site. Pictures and more)
  • Daniel Hedigers License Plate Site (English site. Pictures, information and much more)
  • Rick Kretschmer’s License Plate Pages (English site. Pictures, information and much more, especially about Maryland and Pennsylvania)
  • Nick’s License Pl8s Page (English site. Pictures, information and much more)
  • Stephen Cioffi Schoffs French & German (and other countries) License Plates (English site. Pictures, links, information and much more)
  • Ralf Hegewald (Both German and English site. Pictures, links, information and much more)
  • Simply License Plates (English site. Pictures, trade-list, links and much more)
  • License Plate Collecting David Babcock’s Texas License Plates (English site. Pictures, tradelist and much more)
  • Andy’s Crate of License Plates Andy Rutherford (English site. Pictures, tradelist, links and much more)
  • Motor Vehicle License Systems sells Olympic Special Plates (English Site)
  • Kürzel-Datenbank Datenbank Kfz-Kennzeichen, die Seiten rund ums Nummernschild (German site. All about German License Plates, complete list of the city codes, information about special plates, links and much more)


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