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  1. Hallo. I came across your site casually and did not regret. It is interesting. The photos of your native town are beautiful. It’s a pity, I never was in Germany. {I live under Moscow ( It is in Russia :-) ). By the way, I am your first guest from Russia!!!}. Stuttgart seems not so large, but cosy, such as mine. I’m sure you’d like it if you see.
    So, if you’ll be in the course of a journey in Russia :-) , Willkommen

  2. What a very nice website. It is so nice to see some of my license plate there. I’m so glad they went to a good home, and will be well taken care of.

  3. Tried to send you a message regarding plate trades, but I kept being told ‘enter address’ which I had done, but it would not send. If you would contact me, my daughter and I would be very interested in trading some plates. Kind Regards, Bernie Hurford.

  4. Fantastic web-site. The pictures for each state and information are very interesting. Thanks for all the hard work that has gone into making this such a good site. I will recommend it to all my friends. Regards, Bernie.

  5. Hello, did you know that one of your plates from new mexico is featured in the game Uru? The one that’s got the 7500 number in it. Check out this link. You’ll have to scroll to near the bottom.

  6. Hey Martin Just wanted to say I had a good time in Germany and it was nice meeting you. However, I am glad to be back in America! Take Care, Kristina