Falkensteiner Cave

As we were in the area I visited Falkensteiner Cave the first time for over 15 years. Suddenly there were the memories from the young days where school buddies and me have been into this cave several times. One time over 8 hours up to the third siphon (Hohe Kluft). Only waring surf suits, sometimes even without neoprene socks. We have also been in the Elsachbröller, which is located next the Falkensteiner Cave.

Nowadays, mainly because of my scuba diving hobby, I would not enter these caves anymore, expect when wearing a dry suit – which does not make much sense. ;-)

MoBlogging Bild

Wreck diving videos at YouTube

I uploaded some wreck diving videos at YouTube. The clips were shot in Southern France in September 2010. I recorded the clips with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7 in AVCHD Lite 720p and mb-sub Fun Light hE (with Osram Decostar ES 50 watts, 60°) diving torch. Now I finally put the clips together and added some music to it. It is amazing that such little effort makes a so great achievement.

Wracktauchen: Le Togo (Ville de Valence), Côte d'Azur, Frankreich

Wracktauchen: Le Rubis, Côte d'Azur, Frankreich

Wracktauchen: Le Donator (Prosper Schiaffino), Côte d'Azur, Frankreich

Wracktauchen: Le Grec (Le Sagona), Côte d'Azur, Frankreich

Click here for my YouTube Channel – for sure these will not be the only videos which I will put online in the next months and years. ;-)

Fatal1ty @ CeBIT

ASRock is not really my first choice when it comes to computer hardware, but it is very impressive that Fatal1ty is playing Quake Live there. :-) You can see him on the right side of the picture. And no, I won’t buy a “Fatal1ty” power supply. ;-)


CeBIT here we come! ;-)

Stopover in Kassel on our way to CeBIT.

After somehow down-to-earth E classes the last two years we managed to get a real eye-catcher. The brand new SLK 250 class from the pilot-run series. :-D Several people at McDonald’s took pictures from this car standing in the parking lot.

Taking a picture, I can do this as well. ;-)

SLK 250